Unlocking $200 billion worth of digital opportunities
($11 trillion GDP) in Southeast Asia.

In early 2016, WMS Discovery and Cayenne Consulting collaborated together in a strategic business planning partnership on the digital economy of Asia Pacific and its evolution to the year 2025. We want to push Digital Malaysia to become a focal point to the rest of the world and change the entire landscape.

WMS Discovery is already 10 steps ahead in terms of market research and assembling young talents in the field of entrepreneurship, business administration, creative engineering, creative marketing and financial engineering without depending on Government subsided funds to build a company that we believe in. For now, we have full support from private equity funding especially from Dingson Sdn Bhd as our strategic investment partner and several angel investors.

Technology without creativity will not leave a lasting impact on society. By realizing this fact, we have forged relationships with digital performance agencies like Mechanikos to empower productivity through creativity and create a more sustainable product. By expanding our network, our collaborators are also helping to nurture WMS Discovery’s vision specifically when it comes to empowering creative technology.

2017 and onwards is the time for any venture capital firm or angel investor to roll out their portfolios by investing at an early stage before the business expands globally and becomes recognized all over the world. The main mission at WMS Discovery is to build and scale a series of Internet start up companies that will be the game changer of the industry.

We believe that we are the solutionist to every problem and intend to boost Asia’s digital economy to fulfill a vacant sector that requires the midas touch from tech entrepreneurs. Our goal is to thrive with other Internet companies like Go-jek or Grabcar and not to become competitors to them. If a certain sector is already occupied, we will devise how to solve another piece of the puzzle and leverage on opportunities to take it to the next level.

Asia, Southeast Asean and especially Malaysia are very interesting markets. All are fast developing countries with many opportunities to experiment and discover. By building something that would enhance the human experience, we believe in restoring back the power to the consumer by replacing it with better services and solutions that will ultimately reduce costs and wastage of time and risk.

It’s time to save capitalism together.

Yaqin Mhd Nor
Founder of WMS Discovery.

Internet company in progress

Here’s what we’re doing. And how we’re doing.


Understanding the real need of global travelers.


  1. Savvy world travellers need intelligent assistance to assist their travel plan.
  2. Industry need sophisticated tools to boost their services, offering and visibility in online presence.

Unfortunately, there’s no established platform that solely offers cutting edge tools to focus on ease of the demand and supply in tourism industry.


  1. Advance online publishing management system that changed a new way to produce a tourism content that focuses on country, destinations, attractions and activities. (Completed version 1.1)
  1. Virtual assistance (Ai). (In progress)

Business Model

We make money when they make theirs. Everyone wins everyone’s happy. Here are our 1st stage of revenue model’s. 

75% goes to Host. 25% goes to Gokayu platform as commission.

Average commission from each hotel transaction through hotel’s aggregator engine.

2 – 6%
Average flight commission from each transaction through agencies with 400 airlines all over the world.

Potential ROI

Gokayu business model have a big potential to become a market leader in Southeast Asia. The business model able to bring the revenue with income more than USD 1 million a year after the product go to market by End of 2017. But base on our business consultant they are optimistic to achieve USD 100m within 5 years.

Investment goal

  < USD 1 million
To sustain product innovation lifecycle and OPEX for Gokayu business development.

3 Year Projection

  > USD 10 million
Base on our projection of Gross Profit from year 2018 – 2021
Source: Cayenne Consulting Firm

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