How investing on tech startup slightly different than money market?


invest-page-empowerWin-win business platform

Our technology art indirectly giving opportunities to our existing technology talent to stimulate the local economies and enhance business opportunity to the society.

wms-invest-page-futureBuilding for future generation

Let’s reshape the future together in shortening business transaction and service level. At the same time giving a new spectrum of customer experience.  

wms-invest-page-black-jackOne level up

Many companies have investor perks like VIP access to new products, store credits, or discounts. It’s all part of the experience.


invest-page-binaryBinary outcomes

Every startup companies will have a risk, themselves or investors have to face.

wms-invest-page-longterm-iconLong term game

There is no secondary market, and it’s hard to price or re-sell your shares. You typically hold onto it for years before a return.

wms-invest-page-riskSlightly challenging

Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Startups and small businesses are challenging, and even the best founders fail.