Custom Application Development and Management Services

A modern approach to Application Development and Management Services

Transform heritage workflow to flexible, robust applications that can improve time to market for new services. We uses cutting-edge research, tools automation and collective feedback from users to deliver greater business alignment, customer engagement and return on investment for your applications.

The benefits of Application Development and Management Services​

Save time on learning curve to catch up with proven cutting edge.

Scaleable and sustainable for long terms. Expand your app seamlessly.

Manage by experience solution architect and system analyst

Application Development and Management Services

Cloud Application

WMS Discovery can help you rapidly deliver new customized software, solutions and contextual experiences for the cloud at scale.

Mobile Business App

We develops robust mobile apps, while also delivering maintenance and security on a robust architecture.

Business Web App

Our rich industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in healthcare, retail, marketing and advertising, tourism, banking, insurance, logistics, professional services, and education.

Application Modernization

Continuously modernize your applications to support business agility. We had the methodologies and tools to assess your application portfolio and identify the best approach for modernization.

Microservices & Assesment

Add on new features on top of existing architecture. We helps to refactor heritage applications so that data and frequently used functions can be extracted using APIs and microservices.

Case Studies

Malaysia #1st algorithmic stock trading hired WMS Discovery to consult, developed and transform their legacy spreadsheet into web-based fully functioned platform. By having this online platform it allow users to subscribe the packages seamlessly. Our analyst work really hard to extract all formula into hundreds or variables. Within 5 month development the platform able to enter the market and today they have more then 700 subscribers.

GPS tracking platform able to lower down operation costs

Imagine you have a company running hundreds of transportation to do onsite support for your clients and at the end of the month your staff will submit inaccurate mileage claim. It will be burden to the company to cover unnecessary costs. With our solution every cars will be tracked by just using a smartphone and our smart geofencing algorithm able to match with drivers claims. Only pay what you should pay.

Why Choose Us

To have a solid and sustainable application you need to treat like an asset.


Experience Consultant

A good customer experience consultant will work with you and a cross-functional team to: Build a company-wide agreement of the framework for your customer experience journey.

Great Support

Endless support from our team. We are multi-discipline tech firm with rich resources ranging from analyst, solution architect, full stack developer, UI/UX artist, tester and proper project management.

Competitive Price

Our quotation is based from your requirement. We will guide you how IT development costs work and we guarantee our price are far lower then any other tech agency. MVP milestone is the secret of our recipes.

We Got The Tools

Latest and modern development approach will ensure your application able to reach the MVP milestone within a short period. Our tools are cloud base and we can collaborate seamlessly. You will get very close with development progress team starting from design process.

Success Guarantee

By God willing, we never failed in any project that has been given to us. Doesn’t matter wether it big or small clients we never discriminate. One of the biggest factor of failure are missing communication. We are tech company we never get missed.

Experienced Team

Lead by a very experience team in proposing solution architecture, application development, database management and technology management. Countless of project has been done since before we graduate until today.

Let's Skyrocket Your Business

Andai dipisah laut dan pantai, musnahlah ilham, hilang pedoman. Andai dipisah cahaya dan bulan, gelap gelita, punah asmara.