We are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulder, it is our responsibilities to always think forward and building a latest of Internet business model generation to make people’s life more liveable.

1. Identify

1483877155_thefreeforty_targetWe go by industries. We look deep into the problem before we come out with the solutions.

2. Build

1483877158_thefreeforty_rulerWe build with full of passion nor like instant noodle business who focus in short term cash flow.

3. Scale

1483877160_thefreeforty_enlargeElastic business. From day 1 we build our startup, the vision is to scale until IPO

Series of companies


Multi-sided business platform

Working with 2 or more interdependent entities to empower digital economics.


1483877158_thefreeforty_rulerPlatform enables mass participation and facilitate the interaction




Multi-sided platform, known by economist as multi-sided market, are an important business phenomenon. They have existed for a long time. But proliferated with the rise information technology and data technology. The visa credit card, the Microsoft Windows OS, the Financial Times, Google, the Wii game console and Facebook are just a few examples of success multi-sided platforms. We address them here because they represent important business model pattern

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